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Times are hard, money is scarce. A lot of people are struggling. Hippie cooking is even more important now than it was back in the day. Then we were young and poor learning to fend for ourselves. Now we are many, many people just trying to make ends meet and feeding our families.


Hippie cooking is all about improvisation. Itís about using what you have on hand and knowing how to best put it together. Itís about ALWAYS having some basic items, so if your friends show up unexpectedly with Maui Wowie or Thai weed, youíll be able to feed them well when you all get the munchies. (Definitely check out the chocolate chip cookie recipe!)


So as soon as I can put the pages together, you will find the list of necessary pantry items for both food and equipment. (Hint: NEVER be without onions and garlic. And please donít use aluminum pots for cooking. Stainless steel, enameled, cast iron are all good.) And remember, if it was around a hundred years ago, itís probably safe to have in your kitchen. Milk, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, rice, pastaÖBut these days you canít be too careful, so if you can, buy organic. Also buy locally produced veggies through a CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm or co-op.


My favorite cookbook is Fannie Farmer. You canít go wrong and the recipes are pretty simple


Iím still ferreting out the recipes, anecdotes, and other bits of information to help make preparing food for your family and friends easy, fast, cheap and delicious.


Here are some recipes to start with. Come back for more!


Cream  of  Anything  Soup








Banana Cake


Chocolate Chip Cookies


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